Pete Smith's NMRA layout tour

The RR as most know is the Loon Lake Railway and Navigation Co.

OK, I stole these photos from Scott Perry. Don't worry, he is a friend of mine. He won't mind?

Scott voluntered to help and got to run Pete's RR all day. Ouch, let go of my arm, you don't have to twist it off. Oh, what's that you say? You were just trying to hand me a beer! Oh!

This would be a nice room even if there wasn't a model RR in it.


Here is a scene we haven't seen before.


This one we have seen before, but this is a different angle.


Some of that nice roadbed that didn't quite get track on it before the convention. You didn't run out of time did you Pete?


Pete Smith says there is no "Rule-G" on my layout!


Check this link for a stray picture of John Kalin's Sn3 San Juan Southern that was also on tour.


All pictures by Scott Perry web document by Pat Turner.

Webmaster: Pat Turner
July 20, 2001